About Slickytime

Sometimes I get these thoughts and feelings that just meander around my mind on a loop until I pull them out in the form of words. Slickytime is a place for those words to live- much like my very own pensieve (yes I just referred to a fictional, magical device like it is a real thing)  for thoughts rather than memories.

I’m a grown adult who still sleeps with and is comforted by a blankie made of slicky material- I don’t let either of my adorably cute daughters have that blanket because it’s my self-soother and mama deserves to have one thing that is her own!

Writing is the other way I self-soothe and is a physical manifestation of these swirling thoughts and feelings that as an Enneagram 9, can often get pushed down or bottled up.  I write about whatever comes to mind- which at this stage in life is my role as a working-outside-the-home Mama and wife. If something that I write can encourage one person, can soothe them and remind them that they aren’t alone in their experiences or thoughts about this beautifully chaotic thing we call life then it’s worth it for me to open up my pensieve and risk spilling out all my most mushy thoughts.

I’m happy you’ve found yourself here and tickled that you’ve taken the time to read some of my words.

(If Facebook is more your thing, find me at SlickyTime with Kiley Hillner. You can also find me writing occasionally over at Her View From Home. )